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Are you in search of a more streamlined, efficient, and precise recruitment process? Uncover the power of our cutting-edge recruitment tool that effortlessly identifies the perfect candidate for every role, while drastically reducing administrative tasks by up to 80%.

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Our user-friendly recruitment tool is based on selection questions, tests and video presentations - so you can recruit based on skills, without prejudice and with certainty.

1. Skill based questions

Competence-based recruitment based on a requirements profile to sort out qualified candidates

2. Personality tests

Evidensbaserade tester framtagna med legitimerade Psykometrika som hjälper er att få en bild av kandidatens egenskaper

3. Video questions

Short video presentations in recruitment to get a better idea of the candidate before the interview


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Apotea uses Higher in their recruitments

When Linnea Molla started working at Apotea in 2018, she felt that the recruitment process did not suit the business. The CV-based way of working was slow and did not correspond with the need for a fast pace. The accuracy was also low.

The company decided to try Higher's CV-free and video-based recruitment tool, which led to time savings and better accuracy in recruitment. When the pressure on e-commerce increased explosively during the pandemic year 2020, for example, Linnea and her colleagues managed to recruit 200 employees within a month.

Apotea is a large company that has established itself as a prominent player in the e-commerce industry. With a passion for offering customers high-quality products and a smooth shopping experience, Apotea has become a trusted partner for millions of people.

By continuously developing and improving its recruitment process, Apotea has managed to meet the rapidly growing demands for staff during the pandemic year 2020. By implementing Higher's CV-free and video-based recruitment system, the company has significantly streamlined and improved their recruitment process. This has enabled the rapid and accurate recruitment of no less than 200 employees in just one month, which has been crucial in maintaining and improving the high tempo of the business.

With a strong team spirit and a dynamic work environment, Apotea has created a platform for success and growth. It is therefore not surprising that the company continues to be an attractive employer for ambitious and committed individuals in the e-commerce industry.

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